Rotational Banner Advertising is going to take off, so NOW is the time to get in at start-up rates with
pre-paid discounting. Ad costs will rise in the coming months as the hit level rises.

Page Placement


This is the rotational banner ad on the Sightings Main Page which also appears in top page position on every page at the site. Rotational banners load through a random generator from an ad queue with every page load/reload.

Availability: Always Available
Size: 468 x 60px (pixels)
Animated: Optional
Stationary/Rotational: Rotational
Multiple Links: No
Format: Animated Gif or non-animated JPEG, up to 30k
Terms: Month-to-Month or Pre-paid Multi-month Discount. Prices subject to change beyond expiration dates of contracts. Non-refundable
Cost: 3 Month Entry Level Special: $550/3 months
Mutli-Month Discounts:
$850 for Pre-paid 6 month contract (free banner design)
$1400 for Pre-paid 12 month contract (free banner design)
Banner Design/Development: $50 per banner design (Free if 6 or 12/mo contract.)
Contact: Webmaster (
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