March 9, 2010

The History Of

The history of the name Sightings and how it came to Jeff Rense and, ultimately, to our new worldwide UFO research and reporting center, directed by internationally-renowned UFO research authority, Brian Vike.

The first commonly-recognized use of the term 'Sightings' in the media was the successful 1990s tv series of the same name. Built around a strong paranormal theme, Sightings aired from 1992 to 1997 before going into rerun syndication. The show featured a broad scope of everything from UFOs and ETs to ghosts and bigfoot in an investigative news format, and was hosted by reporter Tim White. The Executive Producers of the show were Ann Daniels and Henry Winkler.

In 1994, Jeff Rense created his award-winning radio program in Santa Barbara, covering the UFO and Paranormal field in addition to a carefully-selected number of geopolitical, health and other eclectic topics.  The program was called 'The End Of The Line with Jeff Rense' and Jeff still uses that same name as his subtitle after 16 years on the air.

His program took off fast, and by 1996, he had been signed to a five-year exclusive contract by the Premiere Radio Networks (now a Clear Channel landmark property).  Premiere had been looking for someone to go against Coast-to-Coast for nearly three years... that is how special they viewed the necessary talent to vie with that dominant late night program.  According to Premiere, the first time they heard a Rense program on tape, they knew their search was over.  In fact, in cities that Jeff was placed head-to-head against Coast, he beat or tied the program.

The idea behind Premiere's search for a late night paranormal, multi-topic program was tied directly to Mr. Winkler and Ms. Daniels and Paramount television which had been wanting to project their Sightings TV series, at least in part, into radio.  So, when Jeff joined Premiere, they handed him the name Sightings On Radio... which, quite honestly, was not a good fit given the extraordinary topics and people Jeff sought out and presented to the world.

During this time, Jeff also launched his famed website to expand upon the program and to explore and develop the exploding potential of the internet. In fact, Jeff was a primary pioneer in the interactive use of a live, nationally-syndicated radio talk program and an interactive website working in tandem to present leading and controversial personalities and information.

While with Premiere, Jeff's Sightings On Radio and successfully rivaled the immensely popular Coast-to-Coast show and website... until Jeff realized that world events and geopolitical subjects were moving far too fast and growing far too serious to have them stand behind a generally paranormal venue. After 12 years as an award-winning network affiliate television news director and anchorman, Jeff was growing more and more determined to push back, hard, at the mass of propaganda and mind control the controlled mainstream media had become.

So, in 1999, Jeff changed course and began to roll out an information super-storm which spanned his program, now the Jeff Rense Program and his enormously popular net site, now renamed which became the internet's first truly 'alternative' news forum featuring views, commentary and information of national and international substance and importance found virtually nowhere else.  As his long-time listeners know, Jeff has stood directly in the face of the world's power elite, covering ALL sides to major issues and never selling out to any special interest groups... like some other supposed 'patriot' talk show hosts have done.

His instincts were accurate and the program and site became the premier location for ever more far-reaching geopolitical insight, opinion and commentary... many say the finest such platform in contemporary radio history.  Whether the subjects were current events and issues, financial and scientific news, even alternative/revisionist history, Jeff has never wavered in his driving quest to present the best truth-seekers - of every variety - and deeper explorations into our culture, politics, personalities, and the most controversial of issues few others would dare touch.

Never willing to settle for less, Jeff pushed and extended all traditional broadcast boundaries, and shattered the status quo along the way, making for powerful alliances... and equally powerful foes.  His war to save the Constitution and our Bill of Rights has been at the core of his personal and professional agenda.  He believes the forces seeking to shred and eliminate our Freedom of Speech and Inquiry through 'hate laws' are the most dangerous and tyrannical on the planet.  Jeff's work is intense, immense, often exhausting and clearly a dangerous endeavor.

Through it all, Jeff through his program and have never let the UFO/ET issue take a back seat to anything.  He has never ceased featuring regular UFO reports with legendary figures like Peter Davenport, the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Ret USAF Major George Filer of MUFON, and the unique Canadian wizard, Brian Vike, whose compassionate and steady hand will oversee  Over the years, the greatest names in UFOlogy have regularly appeared on Jeff's program - from the brilliant, amazing Stanton Friedman and too many other wonderful researchers to the countless Americans who have bravely come forward and appeared on the program to recount their stunning, gripping, and sometimes harrowing eyewitness UFO/ET encounters.

So, now, to start the second decade of the new century, Jeff Rense has joined forces with the inimitable, remarkable Brian Vike, to re-launch as its own unique research and reporting platform expressly devoted to the UFO, ET and paranormal genres.  Brian, through many years of intensely devoted efforts through his HBCC UFO Research site, has amassed an enormous database of encounters and reports, second only to Peter Davenport's 15 years of meticulously recorded and reported treasury of UFO sightings and events of often highest strangeness.

The UFO issue - which Jeff often refers to as the most important of all - is so dynamically interwoven into real-world affairs that it deserves its own venue of this nature and scope. So long as we remain in a struggle against controlling oligarchies determined to drown the public in lies, disinformation, treasonous subterfuge and mind-control, the insulting, vile UFO cover-up remains a central element in the planned deception and manipulation of essential realities to which every person should be firmly awakened.  To this end, renews its vigorous role in shining light into the darkness and illuminating this profoundly important issue of truly cosmic proportions.

Who we are, and why we are here has always inspired mankind to gaze upward, to the stars and beyond, as though we knew instinctively that 'out there' lies the ultimate answer. There are many who fear this knowledge reaching the masses, and work around the clock in every corner of the world to suppress, obfuscate or decimate not only the truth, but the act of truth seeking, to keep this world in a rigid clampdown of arcane systems of control. If they can't debunk it at hand, they relegate it to the realm of the absurd, and when that doesn't work they diligently conspire to manipulate information and assassinate the good character of countless people, in both public and private life. hopes to help expand the awareness of the cosmic conspiracy, and further assist in enlightening the public to what many astronauts, astrophysicists, airline pilots and military aviators have repeatedly asserted... that ET visitation and UFOs are REAL.  We hope you'll stop in often and participate with us on this ongoing journey.

Our best,
Brian Vike
and Jeff Rense

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